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How to choose the right printing factory

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-01-03

Printing quality directly affects the overall presentation of the design. How to choose a suitable printing factory?

Printing plant equipment Good equipment is an essential element for advertising printing. Generally, large and medium-sized printing plants mainly use imported Heidelberg imported series printing machines, which have high printing accuracy and stable quality. However, due to limited capital investment, some small printing plants often choose small-scale printing equipment from Nissan or even China. Not only the printing cycle is long, but the most important thing is that it is difficult to guarantee the printing quality.

Factors of printing technology In printing technology, the key point to ensure consistency between printed matter and design draft is color management in prepress technology. Large and medium-sized printing plants generally use modern ICC color management technology. This system can use color profile (ICC profile) as the basis for color conversion. As long as any input or output device supports this format, they can accurately communicate with each other. Color conversion. Performs color conversion in a systematic way from image creation or color capture to the final image output. In the process of conversion and transfer, the color management technology can maintain the color fidelity to a great extent, thereby achieving a high degree of consistency between the design draft and the printed draft.

In addition to excellent printing equipment and excellent printing technology, vocational skills factors are also indispensable if they lack experienced and skilled technical workers. Only through long-term experience accumulation can they be proficient in mastering pre-press, middle-press, and post-press processes and processes This is also an integral part of the entire printing process.

Based on the above factors, if you want to do a good job in advertising printing, you must consider partners from the above three main factors, and eliminate the blind pursuit of low prices.


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