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What are the printing surface treatments

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-01-03

The common surface treatment methods of printed materials are generally the following methods
I. Polishing: Apply polishing oil on the printed products, and then roll it with a smooth stainless steel plate under high temperature conditions. A special polishing machine is required.
2. Over-oil: Use a printing machine (offset, gravure, silk screen, etc.) to print varnish on the surface of printed products. Third, UV: UV in the printing industry generally refers to UV ink or varnish. This kind of ink is irradiated by a special ultraviolet lamp when printing, and it dries instantly, which solves the problem that some materials (such as gold cardboard, plastic sheet, etc.) do not dry after printing. Special printing presses are required for printing UV inks. Generally, offset printing machines cannot print UV inks.
Fourth, local UV: generally refers to screen printing UV varnish, this varnish effect is like a transparent film on the printed product, very beautiful.
V. Matte: It is a process in screen printing, the effect of printing is sandy, especially when printed on gold and silver cardboard.
6. Wax coating on the surface: The product is coated with wax on the surface of the packaging, mainly to make the packaging able to withstand a certain amount of moisture and moisture. In the past, it was often used to package fresh meat and agricultural and sideline products. This is done on a curtain flow coater.
Seven, lamination: lamination is the printing of packaging products, will take a plastic film such as acrylic to cover the surface of the printed matter, and then use an adhesive to heat and press them together to form a paper, plastic printed matter. Cover Films can be divided into coated films and pre-coated films. That is, the coating film is coated with an adhesive during operation, and then hot-pressed to obtain a finished product. The pre-coating film is a method in which the adhesive is pre-coated on a plastic film, dried and rolled. When covering the surface of a printed product, it only needs to be hot-pressed. They are completed on the instant coated straw and the pre-coated straw.
8. Other special processing technologies: In recent years, there have been many special processing technologies for printed products after printing, and they have developed rapidly. Commonly there are surface coating (also known as spray glue), embossing, embossing (concave) or simply pressing. All these new post-press finishing techniques have been seen more on high-end packaging for everyday use. Especially on exquisite crafts and cigarette packages.


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