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Warehouse Logistics
一、Warehousing Services
In order to meet the needs of different types of customers, distribution and inventory warehouses are set up in more than 20 cities across the country to meet customers' cargo storage needs. Our warehouses use computer network management, and are equipped with forklifts, trolleys and various pallets, fire-fighting equipment, etc.; all warehouse operations are strictly implemented in accordance with the company's warehousing operation SOP, and warehouse management follows "6S" and "12 defenses." Carrying out management, always insisting that sincere and excellent service is the foundation of winning customers, we have been moving forward in order to serve customers better and more professionally.

二、Warehousing value-added services
The content of value-added logistics services mainly includes:
1)Services that increase convenience;
2)Speed up the service;
3)Cost-reducing service;
4)Extended service.      

According to various extended business activities provided by customers, we provide customers with other service items. The current value-added services provided by the company's supervision warehouse: services such as marking, labeling, palletizing, unpacking, assembling, and barcode processing.

三、Distribution processing
1、According to the needs of customers, we provide distribution processing services of simple operations such as disassembly and assembly, labeling, distribution and packaging, and delivery, ensuring high-quality product safety;
2、According to the two characteristics of diversification and change of customer needs, different transportation methods, different forms and functional requirements, in order to meet these different needs, we will set up various professional and different processing links, and perfect packaging processing to meet the different needs of customers. To prevent damage and deformation to the greatest extent, prevent foreign objects from being mixed in, and improve the processing quality with low packaging cost and high technology.

1、We have a professional loading and unloading team, adhere to the logistics spirit of "integrity, quality, and efficiency", and strive to achieve the service goal of "reducing the customer's operating cost" and strive to achieve the strategic goal of "win-win";
2、The warehouse is equipped with various types of handling equipment, suitable for the handling of various goods.

五、Security Fire
1、Thermometers and hygrometers are installed in the warehouse to instantly understand the indoor temperature and humidity to meet product requirements and facilitate relevant measures;
2、The indoor use modern sprinkler fire extinguishing system, all-round anti-theft real-time monitoring video, to build an absolutely safe and secure storage environment for you;
3、The warehouse vents with natural ventilators and exhaust fans will create a standardized storage service platform with good ventilation, wide vision, safety and health;
4、Warehouse management personnel patrol around the clock to ensure the safety of customers’ property.
Warehouse logistics equipment

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