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Post processing
Several common processing techniques in the late printing period
For the packaging industry, its processing technology is very important, which is also one of our standards for measuring the quality of this packaging product. What we usually call "post-press" refers to the processing after printing. Common post-press processing includes bronzing/silvering, die cutting, punching, UV, embossing, laminating, oiling, etc. In order to let you understand these processes more clearly, here is a list of several commonly used processing processes:

Hot gold, hot silver:
Hot stamping, a common printing and decoration process, is also called "hot stamping". Its production principle is to heat the metal printing plate, apply foil, and emboss golden characters or patterns on the printed matter.
Bronzing silver is similar to bronzing, except that due to the different materials used, bronzing will show golden luster, while hot silver will show silver luster.
Features: The pattern is clear, beautiful, and the color is bright and eye-catching. It is often used for logo printing.

Hot stamping, hot silver technology

UV is a printing process that uses ultraviolet light to dry and solidify ink, and it is one of the most important content in the printing industry.
Features: It can increase the gloss and artistic effect of the product, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Blue UV process

Convex, concave, embossed:
The convex template (male template) is used to impress the surface of the printed matter into a three-dimensional relief-like pattern through pressure (the printed matter is partially convex to make it three-dimensional and cause visual impact.) It is called convex; the use of concave template ( The negative template) uses pressure to impress the surface of the printed matter into a concave relief-like pattern (the printed matter is partially recessed to make it three-dimensional and cause visual impact.) It is called indentation.
Features: It has an obvious sense of relief, which can increase the three-dimensional sense and artistic appeal of the printed matter. Features: It has an obvious relief three-dimensional effect, which increases the artistic appeal of printed matter.

Full embossing process

The above three types of processing technology are more commonly used post-press processing in the printing industry, and are mostly used for promotional and packaging printed matter. With the development of printing technology, printing technology has become more and more abundant, and businessmen have more and more choices, but the pursuit of craft quality remains unchanged. Xinpai Packaging has 20 years of experience in packaging customization, carefully crafting each packaging product, the spirit of craftsmanship, you deserve it!
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