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R & D design
Explore the user's perspective and look forward to future technologies
R & D concept
The R&D concept with "customer first" thinking as the core. Pay attention to the exploration of target users and engineering application scenarios; pursue high-compatibility design; obsess over rock-solid quality polishing; and diversify product functions that meet the needs.
R & D system
Constructed a direct and effective market feedback mechanism and innovated the R&D and design system from users to users. Every step from market research, demand analysis, project initiation, product planning to functional design and visual design complies with strict relevant R&D system management system, aiming to provide users with a more stable and reliable product experience.
R&D methodology
Transform product planning from an "artistic" process to a "scientific" process
Market segmentation and selection

At this stage, it is mainly through market research and analysis to study how to segment the market and how the company chooses the segment; finally determine the company's strategic choice for the segment.

Define new product concepts

For a certain market segment, collect the main content of its needs, including customer needs, competitive needs and internal needs of the company, and determine the product positioning of the company's market, and then find and define new product concepts.

Product planning process

Analyze which product family the new product belongs to and its development path from the technical level, and determine the priority order and combination strategy of new product development according to the company's strategy/strategy, and formulate a time plan for new product development.


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  • Computer for R & D and design

    Computer for R & D and design

  • Digital proofing machine

    Digital proofing machine

  • Inkjet proofing machine

    Inkjet proofing machine

  • 3D printer

    3D printer

  • Structural prototypes

    Structural prototypes

  • CTP plate making machine

    CTP plate making machine

  • Heidelberg monochrome press

    Heidelberg monochrome press

  • Heidelberg two color printing press

    Heidelberg two color printing press

  • Heidelberg four color printing press

    Heidelberg four color printing press

  • Heidelberg six color printing press

    Heidelberg six color printing press

  • Heidelberg eight color printing press

    Heidelberg eight color printing press

  • Carton printing machine

    Carton printing machine


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