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What are the common printing methods?

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-01-03

Since the invention of woodcut movable type printing technology in China, the printing methods have been changing day by day. The most commonly used industrial printing methods today are:

1.Offset printing

Offset (Offset) is also called offset printing in Guangdong and Hong Kong. It is a type of offset printing and is the main printing method. Offset printing can accurately restore the color, contrast and gradation of originals with high precision and clarity. It is currently the most common paper printing method. Suitable for posters, introductions, brochures, newspapers, packaging, books, magazines, monthly calendars and other related color prints.

2.Flexographic printing

Flexography, a type of letterpress printing technology, was previously called flexographic printing. Use rubber and soft resin as printing plate, and print with water-soluble or alcohol-soluble ink. The first colorants used were aniline dyes, so they were called aniline printing in the past. Often suitable for printing plastic bags, labels and corrugated paper. The fineness of printing dots and lines is gradually approaching offset printing.

Flexographic printing is mainly divided into unit-type flexographic printing and satellite-type flexographic printing. In the past, unit type flexographic printing was mainly used in China. Now satellite flexographic printing is more and more widely used. The main benefit of satellite flexo printing is the ability to precisely control the tension of the substrate.

3.Screen printing

Screen printing is a kind of printing with a wide range of uses.According to the differences of the printing materials, it can be divided into: textile printing, plastic printing, metal printing, ceramic printing, glass printing, electronic product printing, lottery screen printing, and whiteboard screen printing. Screen printing on metal boards, screen printing on stainless steel products, screen printing on light reflectors, screen-printed anodized aluminum, screen printing, lacquer screen printing, etc.

4, gravure printing

Suitable for printing high-quality and expensive prints, whether in color or black and white, the effect of gravure printing is comparable to photographic photos. Due to the high cost of plate making and the large print volume, it is also one of the less commonly used methods. Suitable for printing securities, stocks, gift certificates, commercial credential vouchers or stationery.

Technology is developing rapidly, and today we can use some of the printing methods described above to output directly to the media through a computer. The maturity of electrostatic imaging and laser technology enables small batches of high-quality "on-demand printing".


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